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Treatments and Rates

Investing in massage is an investment in your health.

Payment Options - Only cash, check, and gift certificates are accepted at this time.

All session times are actual “hands on” time. For example, if your session is scheduled for 60 minutes you will receive a full 60 minutes of massage time. In order to make this possible, all new clients should arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled treatment to fill out a health history form and to discuss your treatment goals. Returning clients, please arrive at least 10 minutes prior to your scheduled treatment time.

Session Times and Rates:

30 min………………$45

45 min………………$60

60 min………………$75

75 min………………$85

90 min………………$100

120 min……………..$130

Chair massage rates are $1 per minute.

No additional charge to include warm bamboo or hot stone in any treatment. 

Please indicate at the time of scheduling if you want a hot stone treatment. Hot Stone massage can be scheduled for 60, 75, 90, and 120 minute sessions. 

Only organic and pure massage oils, creams, lotions, and essential oils are used during massage treatments.

Treatments offered:

Chair Massage

This is the perfect option for sporting events, special occasions, or employee wellness at your business location. The portable massage chair takes up very little space and you remain fully clothed during your session. This type of massage is meant to treat problem areas of stress and tension or to help athletes prepare for and recover from sporting events. The techniques that are used during a chair massage will help you to feel more focused and energized after receiving your treatment. A typical chair massage session takes between 5-20 minutes. 

Customized Therapeutic Massage

A therapeutic massage customized to your individual needs and wellness goals! This massage is the most popular choice for people with specific conditions, injuries, problem areas, or to relieve stress, tension and chronic pain. We will discuss your treatment goals and then tailor a massage and treatment plan to help relieve/prevent your ailments. Techniques from several of the massage and bodywork modalities listed below will be included in the session to help facilitate your most optimal results.

Swedish Relaxation Massage

During this treatment several techniques are used to relieve areas of stress and tension while also helping to improve joint mobility and blood circulation back to the heart. The long slow gliding strokes applied in this massage calm the nervous system and truly help you relax, refresh and restore. You might even fall asleep!

Deep Tissue and Trigger Point Therapy

The focus of this massage is to work though muscle tissue, layer by layer, to address deep underlying patterns of tension, adhesions/scar tissue, and trigger points of pain. Deep tissue techniques and trigger point therapy will be applied using firm but comfortable pressure. You will be asked about the level of pressure several times throughout the massage to ensure it is within your range of tolerance.

Sports Massage

This massage helps athletes prepare for and recover from sporting events, improves range of motion, treats sports related injuries, and much more. Depending on your needs this massage can be performed at your location with a portable massage chair or at my office using a massage table. 

There are five main categories for you to choose from listed below:

Pre-event sports massage takes about 10-15 minutes and should be completed at least 10 minutes prior to your event. This is an energizing massage that focuses on enhancing your physical and mental performance by reducing excessive muscle tension and targeting the muscle groups that will be used during your event.

Inter-event sports massage is used between events or competitions and takes about 5-10 minutes to focus on the muscles groups used in your previous event and/or the ones you will be using in your next event.

Post-event sports massage takes about 15-20 minutes following your event to help you physically and mentally recover. Receiving this massage within 1-2 hours of your event is the most beneficial but it can be performed within a few days after your event to receive the benefits.

Treatment Massage is used after injury to help assist and speed recovery. The techniques that are used will vary depending on the type of injury and the phase of healing you are in.

Maintenance Massage is usually performed during the off season of your sport (typically several full body sessions are needed) to assist the rehabilitation of existing injuries and to improve muscle imbalance, range of motion, and to enhance your regular training routine.

Thai Massage

Thai massage is one of my favorites to give and receive! Traditionally this massage is performed on a thai mat with the client dressed in comfortable clothes. The therapist applies a combination of techniques which include slow rhythmic compression along the sen lines or energy pathways in the body, assisting the client into yoga like stretches or postures, and instruction on the benefits of deep breathing. The recipient should never feel uncomfortable during a stretch or that they’re being pushed passed their physical limits.Thai massage is beneficial for anyone and can help improve mobility, flexibility, chronic pain, posture, circulation, reduce muscle tension, and many more.

*Thai massage techniques may be included into any other massage or may be scheduled as its own treatment. If receiving a full body thai treatment please dress in comfortable clothing such as athletic clothes, sweat pants, or yoga pants and t-shirt.

Myofascial Release

The fascial system is a 3-dimensional web of connective tissue that surrounds and supports everything in the body. When fascia is healthy it is viscous and elastic enabling us to move around freely with normal range of motion. When our body experiences trauma, repetitive strain, surgery, and  poor posture habits; adhesions and scar tissue can form causing restrictions and pain patterns throughout the fascial web. This treatment helps to release these pain patterns with gentle stretching to help your body unwind, large and small muscle groups will be addressed with gentle and sustained pressure to slowly stretch and release restricted areas, and focused techniques are used to zero in on adhesions and scar tissue.

*Myofascial release can be scheduled as its own treatment or can be included into any other massage.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

This is a relaxing, gentle, and rhythmic massage that uses very light pressure to assist the flow of tissue fluid through the lymphatic system while enhancing the immune system. LDM reduces edema, inflammation, old and new scar tissue, and helps to speed up the recovery of injuries and surgery, and improves skin tone.

*Lymphatic drainage can be scheduled as its own treatment or can be included into any other massage.

Craniosacral Therapy

During craniosacral therapy very gentle touch is applied to evaluate the rhythm of the craniosacral system. Gentle hand pressure on the areas of the head, spine, and sacrum releases compression in restricted areas to balance and harmonize the craniosacral rhythm, while increasing the flow of cerebrospinal fluid. This is a wonderful treatment for headaches, migraines, TMJ disorder, enhancement of the immune system, and many more. Massage oils or creams are not necessary for this treatment and you are able to remain clothed during your session.

*Craniosacral therapy can be scheduled as its own treatment or can be included into any other massage. 

Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage uses heated stones to melt away areas of stress and tension while promoting deep muscle relaxation. Hot stone massage can be scheduled as its own treatment or can be added to the beginning of other massage treatments to help warm and relax your muscles.

*Cold stones can be included to any treatment to help relieve headaches, migraines, sinus pressure, congestion, and edema. Including cold stones to your treatment also helps to enhance the immune system. 

Warm Bamboo

Warm bamboo massage is similar to hot stone massage in the way it provides deep muscle relaxation. Warm bamboo can be included into any other treatment to help warm and release specific problem areas or to assist in a deeper pressure massage.

Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy massage is a gentle and relaxing side-lying massage for expecting mothers. You will be provided with several pillows to assist your comfort in the side lying position. Prenatal massage helps to relieve pregnancy related pain, swelling, and stress, along with many other benefits. Your comfort is my top priority at all times so please give me feedback during this massage so I can make it an extremely relaxing experience for you.  



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